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ARKBIRD Autopilot system OSD V3.1028

ARKBIRD Autopilot system OSD V3.1028 ARKBIRD Autopilot system OSD V3.1028 ARKBIRD Autopilot system OSD V3.1028 ARKBIRD Autopilot system OSD V3.1028
Product name:ARKBIRD Autopilot system OSD V3.1028

ARKBIRD Autopilot system OSD V3.1028 (Arkbird standard Autopilot)is a high-accuracy autopilot designed for fixed-wing. It can superimpose OSD(OnScreenDisplay) data on videos and at the same time control the balance, the return and many other maneuvers of your aircraft with high precision. The perfect auto-stabilization system and a plug-and-play design free you from worries and inconveniences and enjoy the beauty of FPV in an instant. 

It has Balance mode, one button RTH(return-to-home), gyro stabilization, hover mode, Cruise mode(fixed altitude and direction),Waypoint , Fence mode, Automatic take-off, "Flight Record" records etc.

1. Function all in one broad, on broad IMU (Inertial measurement unit), OSD (On Screen Display), barometer Attitude sensor, 12V-5V regulation chip, “ESC + voltage regulation” dual power supply. Industrial reliable designed.
2. Plug & Play design, no needed to weld any wire, Adjust parameters by OSD menu and radio stick.
3. Intelligent PID controller. Easy to adjust, support delta-wing, V-tail plane.
4. One button auto-leveling, one button RTH (return-to-home), lost radio signal return-home.
5. Cruise flight (Keep straight &constant-height flight).
6. Gyro normal balance and 3D balance. Hover mode.
7. Fence mode(Auto Switching to Return-to-Home Mode while flying out of the rectangle area specified).
8. 4 Way point flight, coordinate set by radio stick.
9. "Launch Assist" function which can help to control throttle and elevate angle when take-off.
10.RSSI port available, 10 channel PPM port supportable.
One board OSD features: 
1. Power & OSD Voltage display, 3D Go-home arrow, radar mark, flight time, horizon, total distance, and power consumption.
2. Customized interface: can set Fighter HUD interface, Simple interface, can choose the font size, the demands of latitude and longitude.
3."Flight Record" records the time, voyage, data of power consumption and various maximum records of the flights.

Reminding:For the first installation,please power up after a wire check. Forcible satellite search interface will be entered (incontrollable) every time you power up. You can pop-up manually and adjust rudder angle in Manual Mode and auxiliary control in Balance Mode. A Neutral Point Check for the sensor is necessary. Also, you need a fail-safe protection for the receiver in case your autopilot loses control when returning home. Adjust the OSD voltage value before you can take off.

Arkbird Autopilot System with OSD
GPS module
Current sensor
All necessary connection cables
Total weight:146g

OSD Manual

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